Success story
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Carbon Trust: The Power of Data to Build Reputation


Initial situation 

Carbon Trust is an independent partner of leading organisations around the world. It helps these organisations to benefit from a more sustainable future by reducing their carbon footprint, implementing resource efficiency strategies and commercialising low emission technologies.  

Challenge and strategy  

Carbon Trust wanted to launch new research into consumer attitudes towards products that include carbon footprint labelling. LF Channel managed this research and raised awareness among different audiences by selecting a media map and contacted them individually, offering them the opportunity to meet with a company spokesperson for in-depth coverage.  


LF Channel sent out a press release on the results of the research, arranged interviews with Carbon Trust spokesperson and achieved the publication of around 30 clippings in reference media in Spain. With this short and concrete campaign, more than 12.000.000 people were impacted and an advertising value equivalent to 12.000 euros was achieved. 

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