Nuki at the service of functional diversity
7 de April de 2022, Freddy

Nuki at the service of functional diversity

Nuki’s aim is to support and make everyday life easier for people with functional diversity.


Installing home automation in the home may seem like a whim to some, but the reality is that for some people it is a necessity. The automation of some basic tasks of the daily routine is a solution to everyday problems that people with disabilities face daily. The State Disability Observatory estimates that 9% of the Spanish population lives with disability, and smart homes are presented as an adapted solution that allows them to gain independence and autonomy. Nuki, the leading manufacturer of smart access solutions in Europe, has identified the role of Smart Homes in improving the quality of life of people with functional diversity and the advantages they provide in their daily lives.

From the arrival of the first remote controls to the current voice assistants, through lighting or smart locks to facilitate physical accessibility in homes, technology has evolved to facilitate routines in the home. People with disabilities were the first to adapt their smart homes to have more control over their personal spaces before home automation was extended to a wider audience.


Simple home automation for personal autonomy

One of the greatest advantages of smart homes is that they allow the user to access all systems from a single, easy-to-use device. By remote control or voice commands it is possible to raise the blinds, control the temperature or lock the door. In this sense, technology does not require the installation of complex systems, as there are simple tools from which different solutions can be managed.

Automating home devices reduces daily efforts and gives total control over everything that happens inside the personal space. Carrying out simple activities such as changing the TV channel or opening and closing the door at home, strengthens the feeling of personal independence and improves the quality of life. This also improves mood, as it enhances autonomy in daily tasks.


Adapted homes thanks to the involvement of technology leaders

More and more companies such as Google, Microsoft or Apple are developing smart products and software to make the daily routine of people with disabilities easier. Voice-controlled devices are the most widely deployed in today’s homes. Systems such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Homekit can control more than one element such as lighting, security, or audio centrally. People with disabilities only need to give voice or mobile phone commands to activate devices such as the Nuki Smart Lock, which provides full control of the front door. The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 and 3.0 Pro are compatible with all these automated systems. The smart lock also allows personalised access to be granted to trusted individuals, family members, caregivers, or assistants. Thanks to its VoiceOver support in the Nuki app for Android and iOS, the installation and configuration process of smart locks is easier and faster than ever.

“Every advance in accessibility in the home opens up opportunities and helps to create a fair society. At Nuki, we work to help people with all kinds of disabilities by minimising the obstacles they face in their daily lives,” describes Martin Pansy, CEO, and co-founder of Nuki. “Home automation creates security and comfort for all users. With the Smart Lock 3.0, it is possible to have full control over the front door and to provide a more independent and autonomous life.”

Nuki is suitable for both people with disabilities and the elderly, as it not only helps to remove obstacles that make the routine more difficult, but also functions as an emergency device. Family members can remotely access emergency services at any time and from anywhere.

Technology is developing and growing, which means that as time goes by there will be more features and products that will help in the daily tasks of the people who need them. Technology must advance in favour of all users and home automation is a solution that will make life easier and easier for more and more people


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