23 de June de 2021, admin-factoria

Make a play for a loved one using Deezer’s new Mixtape app

Valentine’s Day. Roses, chocolates, flowers, the same old gifts year in year out. How can you reclaim the glory days of old-school romantic gestures to truly set your love apart? Luckily, Deezer has the answer.

Deezer will be helping those looking to make their mark on Valentine’s Day with their new nostalgic MixTape app, giving you the tools to put your personal stamp on a gift for a loved one. Don’t just say it with words, show them you care by singing it. Long gone are the days of sitting by the radio recording the week’s hottest tunes, bulky cassettes in hand in a quest to create your next perfect playlist. Whether you want to impress a loved one with your finest Boyz II Men collection or simply belt out Oasis classic with close friends, Deezer’s new Mixtape app now allows listeners to create and share a list of their favourite songs instantly.

Shareable via email and social media, the app is open to everyone – free and Premium+ users – so start spreading the love today. To send your mixtape go to: