International startups and innovation communities choose LF Channel to strengthen their communication
6 de May de 2021, Redacción

Startups choose LF Channel to colaborate

LF Channel, the PR and marketing agency for challenging and innovative brands, increases client portfolio including some international startups and projects from innovation communities in the last quarter. AppsFlyer and Avast, world leaders in martech and cybersecurity, respectively, and the foodtech startup Not So Dark, have relied on the proven solvency of LF Channel in launching innovative brands in the Spanish market to strengthen their relevance and leadership. Similarly, EIT Digital, a European organization for digital innovation and business education, renews its collaboration with the agency developing several projects. 

“Innovation and entrepreneurship have been in the LF Channel DNA since its inception 25 years ago,” explains Imma Folch, LF Channel CEO and Founder. “Our client portfolio has always reflected the passion by our team about technologystate-of-the-art projects and all the innovations that improve people’s lives. We are proud to see that beyond accompanying them to successfully enter our market, our clients consider us part of their trusted team and their eyes on the ground to build their leadership in the medium and long term. I am thinking in pioneer companies such as Pure Storage, who dared to revolutionize a traditional sector such as storage, or other new projects such as AppsFlyer or Not So Dark, which are at the forefront of their respective sectors,” she details. 

Among the new clients of the LF Channel agency are: 

AppsFlyerthe attribution platform chosen by leading brands around the world, established a collaboration agreement with LF Channel agency for the management and development of communication strategy in Spain. The company wants to strengthen its commitment to the Spanish market with the aim of consolidating visibility in the territory, and becoming a reference and key advisor for their customers. 

Not So Darkthe French food-tech startup, relied on LF Channel to manage its communication in Spain, where they begin international expansion after consolidation in the French market. Company’s goal, which recently received an injection of 20 million euros, is to lead the European Dark Kitchen market with 30 new openings for this year. 

Avast (LSE:AVST), a world leader in digital security and privacy products, considers the Spanish market a key region when it comes to ensuring online freedom. That is why they were looking for an expert, proactive and ambitious team for strengthening its communication and public relations strategy and chose LF Channel. 

EIT Digitalthe knowledge and innovation community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)renewed they trust in LF Channel to publicize some of their most recent projects that promote digital business talent, and help companies and entrepreneurs to be at the forefront of digital innovation. 


The relevance of communication for a startup on the path to success: 

Aware of the strong transformations that we are experiencing at different levelsLF Channel recently launched an investigation in order to be able to know more in detail the good practices of startups that use communication on their way to success. The goal was above all to listen and learn about experiences, perceptions, and also the brakes that entrepreneurs find when facing a Communication plan. The results of the study, as well as a decalogue of good practices, are included in the ebook “How do successful startups use communication and public relations?”, based on the information collected through open interviews to 24 startups CEO’s, CMO’s and entrepreneurs from different sectors and in different business situations. 

You can download it on our website: