1 de September de 2016, LFChannel Team

How do we communicate a new product category?

At LF Channel we often have new clients that offer products or services within new categories that are unknown to consumers, and therefore they require specific communication tools.

The strategy can be divided into two main points: create awareness of the necessity that the new product satisfies, and positioning the brand within that category. The wearables and smart products framed in the field of IoT are good examples: biometric bracelets, home robots, or bulbs that work as speakers or surveillance cameras… New product categories emerge everywhere!

Our recommendations for establishing a successful communication campaign in these cases are:

Knowing the product and the new category in depth

It is essential that the communication team tests the product in advance to get to know all its uses and the needs it meets. Also, for anticipating questions that journalists and bloggers can make once the communication campaign has started.

Drafting detailed documents and information about the product, its uses and advantages

“How to” documents, guidelines for its first use and corporate documents will help journalists and bloggers to easily understand the new product.

Performing events and demonstrations

Live sessions will help the target to easily understand a product that opens a new category.

Launching a product review campaign

To start talking about a new gadget, for example, the press needs to try it directly, have a personal experience.

Positioning spokespersons as experts and opinion leaders in the industry

A new category establishes a new paradigm for the press and bloggers. In addition to news and improvements of the product, it is important to position the company’s spokespeople as the right leaders to give their opinion about industry trends through interviews, bylines or meetings.

These are just some suggestions that tend to work when communicating products or services in a new category. But, what would you suggest? Any experience you want to share?