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20 de July de 2021, Redacción

How do successful startups use communication?

Most of the startups that have achieved success in recent years have one factor in common: making good use of public relations and media communication from the outset.

In this study, we have interviewed 24 startups and entrepreneurship hubs to better understand their needs in terms of communication and public relations. We have also conducted an analysis of the activities carried out by some of them in that area.

From this fieldwork, we have been able to reach some interesting conclusions.. If you work in a startup or think of launching your own project, these are good food for thought.


Is PR “just” about appearing in the media?

All the startups interviewed consider that communication and public relations actions are important to build the public image they want for their business. They especially emphasize their importance in attracting customers and investors.

However, only 1 in 3 companies has an internal communications and public relations team and only 64% have ever used the services of a specialized agency.

The main function that startups attribute to communication and public relations is to appear in the media. Few of them are aware of other functions that PR agencies also offer, such as establishing key messages for each type of audience, conducting market research, participating in the organization of events, creating content, or preparing the public interventions of their spokespersons, among others. Nevertheless, the startups that have tried these services say that they have found them useful in boosting their business.


Results beyond press releases

Press releases distribution is the most widely known communication and public relations service.However, when startups send press releases on their own, without a prior analysis of the message and the media they are targeting, and no follow-up work,  results are simply poor. On the other hand, companies that carry out a planned, continuous communication program supported by a press office service achieve greater notoriety.

Measuring results is one of the main barriers in the use of communication and public relations in startups. Seventy-three percent of startups perceive agency services to be expensive. A large majority consider it an outlay which ROI is hard to  to justify  due to the difficulties to find measurement criteria matching the short-term sight most common among startups, while PR & Communication results are mostly visible in the mid and long term.

The traditional press clipping is considered obsolete, per default, although there is widespread ignorance about this and other indicators that allow measuring the impact of PR in the targeted media and audiences, as well as on digital marketing and social media actions.


Choosing the right agency, the key to success

Finally, startups often have a hard time finding a PR and communications agency that suits their needs. Most of them have to try several agencies until they find the one they feel comfortable working with. The interviewees in this study agree that specialization and proximity are valued more highly than reputation or client portfolio.

In the final part of the ebook, you will find a decalogue of best practices for the use of communication and public relations in startups. Download this free study and discover the keys to use public relations as a lever to help boost and give visibility to your business.


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