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4 de August de 2016, LFChannel Team

How can we catch media attention during summer holidays?

In the middle of summer, many people are now on holidays. At the agency we are as always on the ball creating news that can be interesting for media. However, during these weeks, editorial offices are almost empty, the few journalists that are working are loaded with work and the themes in which they are interested differ enormously from one another. For these reasons, we have to take into consideration some aspects to create the most suitable and valuable information to catch journalists attention.

Topics on demand

It is key to have direct contact with journalist and know firsthand which themes and topics are they working on. It is part of our ongoing relation.


Editorial calendars and vacation periods of journalist must be taken into consideration and adapt our work to them.

Fresh topic

If we open the newspaper during summer, we see that there are seasonal themes related to summer. Some of them come up every year: be fit, mental rest, summer love, sun skin care… Giving journalists “summer” material is essential for securing a good coverage. If we add also creativity and originality, we have secured success.

Plan in advance

Communication professionals are always planning several months in advance all the actions and activities that we would like to develop in the following months. In summer, this is more recommended than ever. If we would like to place a summer product into summer bazaars we need to start securing our work in April minimum. Don’t be late!


It seems obvious and this is something that we have to take care during all the year but, don’t you think that if you and the journalists are working while  other colleagues are sunbathing in the beach we need positive energy to enjoy the work? If we receive an work intense call  on the 12th of August while at the office we deserve good sense of humor, happiness and good vibrations. Then, we can speak about professional staff.

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Like everything else, these recommendations are applicable in many cases and not applicable in others. Traditionally, PR agencies used to put  activities on hold during July and August, before the on-line explosion, but, why not take advantage of this special period by creating fresh and attractive news? Summer can be the best and the worst moment for PR. Creativity and being witty are the key points for success.