Verema solidaria
24 de October de 2019, Freddy

Giving makes our team excel

Agencies spend much of their time looking for quality service, performance, human engagement, ROI, … there’s various ways this can be approached. At LF Channel, collaborating with non-profit projects has turned out to be what makes the magic without much calculation, just following our instincts.

This year, for the 4th time, we joined Verema Solidaria (Solidarity Harvest) with an LF Channel team of 18 (people, 16, dogs, 2) that took part to “Cut with Poverty” on Saturday September 14th at winery Scala Dei, in Priorat, a worldclass top producer area. Tickets sold for this and another three solidarity harvests will fund projects from proximity non-profits; this year, youngsters in risk of social exclusion will get trained and supported to find a job.

Verema Solidaria

Giving is healthy receiving, fills our hearts, and can be fun too!! The fact that nobody from the team wants to miss it means something … Last week we collected grapes, learnt about the terroir in Scala Dei Winery, met the teams of Associació Quilòmetre Zero and Fundació Alba Futur, non-profits that will get funded, did wine tasting and shared a collective lunch with live music. It was a day packed with values and emotions that will fuel our everyday work.

At LF Channel, solidarity and environment consciousness is part of our human and pet-friendly company culture, our commitment to be part of the solution in a business that often times creates problems. LF Channel has been involved in non-profit initiatives since its inception in 1996; members of the team outstand as leading some too, like Women in Mobile, an initiative to promote visibility for women in tech. For us, solidarity means collaborating in different ways: lending meeting space, supporting Social Media activities, offering strategic consultancy… and getting hands-on the job: like collecting grapes to Cut With Poverty at least once per year!


We would be glad if you could join us next year!