5 de September de 2017, LFChannel Team

Free time at the push of a button: The DEEBOT M81Pro now incorporates in-app control

The DEEBOT M81Pro by ECOVACS Robotics sweeps, vacuums and wipes the floor in just one pass. Now it is also conveniently controllable via in-app control from afar. Finally the hassle to deal with dirty floors is a thing of the past!

Still stuck at work but the in-laws are coming to visit? Controlled by the app the DEEBOT M81Pro starts the housecleaning on its own. With a smartphone the cleaning robot can be started, maneuvered and stopped, the cleaning modes can be selected and the status of the current cleaning routine can be checked. Just with a click of a button the apartment is presentable again. “Thanks to the five stage cleaning system the DEEBOT M81Pro not only sweeps the floors, it also loosens the dirt, vacuums and wipes them, both wet and dry – all in one pass. With the scheduling function the cleaning routine can be planned beforehand. That way you have more time for the nice things in life”, says Andreas Wahlich, General Manager ECOVACS Robotics. Outfitted with in-app control all of the company’s future models will be controllable from everywhere.

Thorough cleaning thanks to a sophisticated cleaning system

With the combination of vacuum cleaner and floor wiper the DEEBOT M81Pro is able to cope with a variety of dirt. Dried up liquids or dust bunnies – thanks to the thorough cleaning routine the robot ensures a clean floor. The wet/dry wiping system does both steps in one pass. For apartments with different floors the DEEBOT M81Pro is equipped with a special feature. The water tank can easily be disconnected when the robot is used on carpeted areas and it can quickly be reattached when the DEEBOT continues to clean wood or tiled areas.

Integrated dust filter

Conventional vacuum cleaners may collect a lot of dirt but their inferior filters also let a lot of dust dissipate into the surrounding air. The integrated, easy to clean filter system used in the DEEBOT M81Pro reduces the air contamination to a minimum. “We have integrated a specialized three stage filter system to our DEEBOT product line: A finely woven metal mesh collects the coarse dirt particles. Finer dust particles are caught by a foam filter before a final micro filter cleans the ejected air”, Wahlich explains.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT M81Pro is available since July 2017 for a MSRP of 299,00.

ECOVACS Robotics will showcase it’s complete product line up from September 1st to 6th on the IFA 2017 in Berlin.