How to find influencers for your company
12 de August de 2022, Judit Alabert

How to find influencers for your company

Influencers continue to break records. In 2020 the content creator industry generated more than 104 billion dollars worldwide. Last year these figures continued to grow and 2022 will undoubtedly continue this trend.

With the start of pandemic in March 2020, these profiles were a key player in raising awareness among the younger generation to stay at home. During the global lock down, the use of social networks increased exponentially and brands whose advertising campaigns were affected found a new avenue for their communication strategies. Social media profiles were reinforced as a marketing tool to reach stakeholders during the lockdown. The need to stay connected increased interactions with these profiles and, consequently, their engagement. For example, in the first two weeks of March 2020, engagement with the hashtag #ad grew by more than 75%.


Who is an influencer?

To start defining a strategy with these profiles we know first who they are.  An influencer is a person who has credibility on social networks on a specific topic. The trust these profiles generate can influence the decisions of their followers, and they usually have a significant number thanks to the relationship they have been able to build over time.

Working with these profiles can help you reach a large community of influencers, usually focused on a particular field of interest. In addition, influencers will tailor the brand’s message to fit your audience, preventing it from appearing to be purely advertising. Finally, it usually has a very loyal audience that trusts what they say in every Instagram Stories or feed post.


How to select an influencer for your company?

Below you will find two key ideas for selecting an influencer for your company:

– Quality over quantity. This is the most important rule because sometimes we find profiles that, although they reach a large volume of followers, they do not provide value to their audience.

Aligned with the values. Do we take into account the values of the workers when we are in a recruitment process? We sure do. For that reason, it is vitally important to keep in mind that influencers are a member of the company. They are people who will position themselves as representatives of our company and, consequently, will transmit our ideals, concerns and values. The choice goes beyond seeing if they fit the budget, have a large enough community or, simply, we like their photographs. We must dig a little deeper, look at his latest publications, make an analysis of the content he published so far to get to know him in depth. Your community on social networks acts as a group of friends and they usually know them very well. For this reason, they will be able to see if your company or product fits and they would buy it as if it were the recommendation of a close friend.


Does size matter? Influencers are classified according to their audience

It is often believed that influencers, the more followers they have, the greater reach they achieve in a campaign. The reality is far from this belief. There are many profiles that have lost strength in recent years but continue to maintain a high number of followers because they grew a lot some time ago or simply because their community wants to continue observing the movements of the “old glories”.

Nowadays, influencer marketing goes beyond that. There are many types of profiles and, with the increase of social networks, they are multiplying. Even so, the most interesting ones are considered to be:

  • Microinfluencers (less than 100K). They are those who have a smaller number of followers but, at the same time, a really loyal community. In addition, they are usually specialized in a specific topic. For example, we find teachers whose audience does not exceed 50K, but they have a high engagement rate that makes them create a loyal community and, for brands, allows them to have a good impact in this sector. With these content creators, very relevant actions can be carried out and, surely, have a positive impact on the company.


  • Macroinfluencers (between 100K and 1M). These are those profiles that became known in the very social network in which they were born, such as with the boom of Instagram in 2016. The differentiating point of these profiles is their potential reach, surely greater than an ad on TV or a wedge on the radio.


With an audience of this size, it is very likely that their major source of income will come from the social network itself, which guarantees a professionalism of the profiles and, therefore, of the content published. This will be reflected in the quality of the publication, the care of the messages and the treatment of the content creator.

As disadvantages, the high cost must be taken into account. Also, since these are people who are well known by their audience, it is very important to take care of their community in order to gain their trust and have a positive impact on them.

In any case, making sure that it is a real community is essential, so it is essential to analyze that the followers are real and not bought, which respond to fake and automated profiles that add up in the audience count but do not interact with the account. In other words, this type of followers increase the community, which allows to increase the cache of the influencers who buy them. However, this practice brings many drawbacks, including low engagement, since these bots will not interact with the publications through likes, views or comments. For this reason, it is crucial to measure the interaction of the accounts we will work with, so we can be sure to have a return.


At LF Channel we have large experience selecting the best influencer profiles to generate the maximum return on a communication campaign. Are you interested in planning an action with influencers? Contact us.