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25 de February de 2016, LFChannel Team

Watch from a dog’s view with ACTIVEON Dog Vest

ACTIVEON extends its range of accessories for action cameras and sends its new dog vest to stores.

Amsterdam/Fürstenfeldbruck, February 25, 2016. Creative four-legged friends can now record their own videos and show their owners how the world looks from a dog’s view. With the 360 Dog Vest available from MONTH, ACTIVEON expands its accessory range for action cameras and enables man’s best friend to become a cameraman himself. The new dog vest is compatible with the company’s own cameras as well as numerous models from other manufacturers.

Whether running fast, swimming in the lake or playing in the mud, from now on pet owners gain exclusive insights into the world of their four-legged friends. Equipped with the new ACTIVEON 360 Dog Vest, the dog has his action camera with him at all times and records unforgettable moments or new tricks. ACTIVEON’s new accessory allows for the camera to be attached on the dog’s back or neck without disturbing him in his natural motion sequences. The camera can be rotated and swivelled allowing for a wide range of perspectives. The vest supports, alongside the camera models by ACTIVEON, many cameras of other manufacturers.

The 360 Dog Vest can be put on easily and, thanks to numerous settings options, is suitable for dogs weighing between seven and 54 kilos. Through the sewn-in padding, a comfortable and good fit is guaranteed for the dog. Made from animal-friendly material, the dog vest does not become disturbing even on longer tours. Dog owners will not have to worry about their four-legged friend jumping into water or rolling in the mud with his vest as the 360 Dog Vest can be easily be rinsed off. Thanks to its features and versatile usage options, ACTIVEON’s dog vest is a wonderful present for a faithful four-legged friend and his owner.