HansSzymanski CEONFON
20 de March de 2017, LFChannel Team

Expansion,SIP Trunk & Wholesale: NFON news at CeBIT 2017

  • NFON AG expands product portfolio with NFON SIP Trunk
  • NFON AG is expanding into Portugal and Italy
  • NFON AG is expanding its sales model throughout Europe

New product: NFON SIP Trunk

NFON AG, a worldwide leading provider of cloud telephone systems, is presenting NFON SIP Trunk at CeBIT 2017 (Hall 12, Booth D31) and thereby expands its product portfolio by a cost-effective cloud telephony service coupled with flexibility and high quality. Companies using the NFON SIP Trunk benefit from an advantage package: On the one hand, the conversation minutes are handled by the carrier platform of NFON AG and on the other hand the use of NFON SIP Trunk means full flexibility with accompanying scaling of the extensions, saving of access costs and actual traffic cost, 30-day contract binding, cost-per-minute billing as well as higher platform security, data protection and a high quality of function and availability – installation fees do not apply. In addition, NFON SIP Trunk guarantees full access to the potential of carrier management (e.g. BT, Colt, Telefónica) in currently 12 European countries plus reliable telephone number management and the coverage of international regulatory requirements.

New distribution channel: Wholesale

In all 12 European countries, NFON AG introduces the wholesale model, in addition to carrier sales, distribution through distributors and the intermediary business of the partner country. With its sales channel, NFON AG is now targeting large SMEs and large enterprises via wholesale. Contractors can combine the entire range of NFON services with their own and individual services in a single package. In doing so, the wholesale partner of NFON AG assumes a higher degree of self-responsibility and, at the same time, is given an important scope for design. On March 14, 2017, T-Systems and NFON AG announced their partnership. At the beginning of this year’s CeBIT, T-Systems is offering the quality bundle ‘Dynamic Services for UC NFON Enterprise’ for companies with more than 100 branches. The London branch of NFON AG, NFON UK, announces the partnership with ScanSource Communications.

New countries: Portugal and Italy

NFON AG will expand into two other countries and will be represented in 14 European countries by the end of 2017. With Portugal, NFON Iberia is going to expand its business in addition to the subsidiary established in Spain in 2015 and is scheduled to start operations in May. Italy is scheduled for September this year. Hans Szymanski, Chief Executive Officer of NFON AG: “All signs point to growth. The demand for our core product NFON and vertical services is impressive across Europe. NFON is characterized by a high potential for savings, unlimited performance, intelligent functions, easy operation and clearly defined quality ‘Made in Germany’. This is exactly what more than 15,000 companies in Europe expect from our market-leading solution.”