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14 de March de 2016, LFChannel Team

CeBIT 2016: NFON for Skype for Business

  • NFON interconnects to customer’s Skype for Business servers

  • Combines enterprise features with international telephone network

  • NFON for Skype for Business available now

NFOn AG, Munich, March 14th, 2016

Complete UC range

At this year’s CeBIT trade show (Hall 13, Booth C41), the NFON AG, a worldwide leading provider of cloud telephone systems, presents the extended functionality around NFON for Skype for Business: An interconnection between NFON and Skype for Business on the servers of the NFON customers. Jürgen Städing, Chief Product Officer of NFON AG: “Customers already operating Skype for Business solutions now additionally receive the proven enterprise functions of NFON rounded off with a connection to the public telephone network throughout Europe – out of a single source from NFON.”

Unprecedented fusion

The seamless connection between NFON, the telephone system from the cloud, and Skype for Business combines the advantages of a cloud service with the known working environment of the user’s workplace. Jürgen Städing: “Communication services have to merge nowadays. The world of employment is characterized by an era of decentralization, accompanied by an increase in efficiency”. While Skype for Business combines different options of communication such as chat and video in one single application environment, NFON integrates the application into the telephone system and adds the important connection into the public telephone network. “NFON offers the possibility – particularly for chains and companies with branches throughout Europe – to comprehensively integrate the phone number. The user of the extension is offered an individual geographical phone number including network performance.”

Customer-friendly server connection

Intelligent features, high savings potential, cost savings and easy operation are building blocks that along with the quality feature ‘Made in Germany’ distinguish NFON, the modern telephone system from the cloud. With the fusion of NFON and Skype for Business, the Skype for Business client becomes a fully adequate extension and is additionally equipped with full enterprise functions: NFON for Skype for Business is therefore applicable in areas such as call centres without any complex adjustment of the integrated solution as the group and ACD function is a standard solution of NFON. Jürgen Städing: “The absolute highlight of the fusion between these two worlds is on the one hand the free choice of location as to the operation of the Skype for Business server and on the other hand the indispensable integration of the Skype for Business server into the public telephone network. This is an unprecedented boost in comfort, a real problem solution by NFON.”

Cost-efficiency thanks to integration

Furthermore, with this solution not any employee necessarily needs to have a Skype for Business account to be part of the internal telephony. “A user can simply telephone via NFON and reach his Skype for Business colleagues”, Frank Wutzler, Senior Product Manager of NFON AG, explains. The effect: A clear saving effect as far as licensing costs are concerned, “because only those who actually need Skype for Business receive that license. Elsewhere the principle of cost efficiency thanks to intelligent integration applies. The telephony can be carried out at any time via NFON”, Jürgen Städing adds.

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