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Bus Travel Goes First-Class with VIA BLISS Platform

Creates an immersive travel environment that transforms the passenger experience

LFChannel_VIA Bliss (2)Taipei, Taiwan, 1 April, 2015 – VIA Technologies, Inc today announced the VIA BLISS (Bus Line In-Seat System) Platform, a customizable Android-based turnkey solution for creating an immersive travel environment that transforms the bus passenger experience by providing them with personalized entertainment, information, and communication services throughout their journey.

Combining a choice of all-in-one 7” and 10.1” Android display systems with a Video-On-Demand server and networking system, the VIA BLISS Turnkey Solution enables passengers to watch TV and movies, listen to music, surf the Internet, and play interactive games from the comfort of their bus seat. To ensure there is not a moment of downtime, it also features a Device Management System (DMS) that enables operators to remotely monitor, control, and update content and devices over-the-air (OTA).

“For many years the use of in-seat entertainment systems has been mainly confined to air travel, but now passengers are demanding the same types of services in all modes of long-distance transportation.” said Richard Brown, VP of Global Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “With the VIA BLISS Platform, our aim is to help bus manufacturers and operators meet this new demand by providing a complete, customizable solution that is convenient to install and manage.”

The VIA BLISS Platform has already been successfully deployed by leading bus operators in Taiwan and Turkey, helping them to improve passenger satisfaction and increase demand for their long-distance travel routes. With its scalable design and flexible development environment, the platform also provides operators with the potential to further boost their competitiveness and generate additional revenue streams by creating new applications and services such as destination experience programs in partnership with leading hotels, restaurants, museums, and entertainment venues.

VIA BLISS Platform Key Components

In-Seat Android System Starter KitLFChannel_VIA Bliss (1)
The VIA In-Seat Android System Starter Kit provides a flexible and reliable solution for jumpstarting the development and installation of seat-back and seat-side touch-screen systems. Customers can also leverage VIA’s Android experience and expertise to save development time and costs, leaving them free to focus on their core value-adds.

  • High-performance dual ARM Cortex-A9 powered platform
  • Advanced HD video playback and multimedia capabilities
  • 7” or 10.1” display configurations
  • Fully-customized Android BSP tailored for in-vehicle infotainment services
  • Proprietary VIA Smart ETK (Embedded Tool Kit) and sample app

Video-on-Demand Server
The VIA Video-on-Demand Server is an ultra-reliable, high-performance solution that enables the storage, management, and delivery of high-resolution video and media content in the most popular formats such as H.264 across the entire in-bus infotainment system from a single platform.

  • Full anti-vibration protection
  • Support for a wide-range power input (9V – 36V)
  • Extended temperature operability (-20° to +65°C)
  • A broad array of in-bus connectivity options including Gigabit Ethernet, TV, 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth LE.

Network System
At the center of the Network System is a 9-port main hub (1-in, 8-out) which connects to the onboard VOD server and bus power system, allowing for the delivery of internet access, media content and power to in-seat devices through a single CAT 6 cable.

  • One 9-port main hub (1-in, 8-out)
  • Eight 8-port side hubs (1-in, 7-out)
  • Support up to fifty-six in-seat devices

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