4 de November de 2015, ImmaFolch

Beabloo strengthens its national and international presence with new appointments

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Barcelona, October 28, 2015 – Beabloo, technology company specialized in the combination of omnichannel digital marketing and big data for retail and customer service environments, announced an investment of €10 million led by SoftBank Group in May this year. Five months later, thanks to this operation, the company has increased its workforce in Spain and in Asia, and has recently moved to new offices in Barcelona.

Beabloo’s new headquarters are located in Barcelona’s top technology district 22@ Barcelona, more specifically to the Diagonal22@ building on Calle Pujades. With more than 900 square meters in office space, Beabloo’s new facilities can cater for up to 80 people. Since receiving the investment, the company has doubled its workforce at its headquarters and additional new recruitments are planned for the coming months.


New appointments at Beabloo

Capturing talent is a key area for Beabloo at present. The company, which analyzes reams of data captured in points of sale for clients and helps them understand target audiences better and enhance consumer experiences and brand relationships, has recently appointed several people to strengthen and encourage business growth.

Andrew Baylis has been appointed as Head of Customer Service at Beabloo. With more than 8 years of experience in building and leading international teams in Italy, the UK, South Africa and Spain, Baylis will be responsible for enhancing customer satisfaction, maximizing team performance and efficiency, and for controlling costs. Manuel Vivó, Beabloo’s new Chief Software Architect, has been working for more than 15 years on online projects in various sectors including education, video gaming and travel. He will continue to develop and improve Beabloo’s software in line with the targets and priorities marked by the company.

Ernesto Bernadó, Business Analytics Director at Beabloo, will contribute more than 18 years of experience in business and data analysis areas of technology projects in enhancing the value proposal offered by Beabloo’s big data solution. Chris Harrington, Beabloo’s Chief Infrastructure Architect, will utilize his 20 years of experience in leadership and Internet infrastructure and team management, both in major enterprises and startups, in developing a global platform that facilitates and streamlines the growth of Beabloo’s business.

In addition to these recent incorporations, last month Haiyan Bo was appointed CEO of the company’s Chinese operations. She brings to Beabloo her in-depth knowledge of the business and the Asian market and across-the-board experience in identifying and satisfying the needs of the key brands in this region with high strategic value.

“Individuals with extensive experience in their sectors and a lengthly career in well-recognized companies have joined the Beabloo project in recent weeks,” says Jaume Portell, Beabloo’s global CEO. “This great team we are building not only gives major support and drive to our project, but also attests to the fact that we offer a solution with high strategic value and that Beabloo is an attractive company with a big draw for talent. Both the growth at our headquarters in Barcelona and our expansion and recruitment of talent in China are two major strategic focuses for us.”

“The areas of customer service, software architecture, analytics and infrastructures have been strengthened by the recent appointments of Baylis, Vivó, Bernadó and Harrington. All this has been done with our main goal in mind: to offer our customers an even better service and to continue to grow,” says Portell.

The omnichannel digital marketing solutions offered by Beabloo help to objectivize data in the offline world. This enables Beabloo’s customers to get to know their target audience better, enhance the shopping experience, assist marketing decision-making, improve profitability, and ultimately, as a consequence, increase satisfaction among the contacted audience.