4 de September de 2015, ImmaFolch

Beabloo implements WiFi Analytics solution

Barcelona, September 2nd 2015. Beabloo, a technology company specialized in the combination of omnichannel digital marketing solutions and big data for establishments serving the general public, will deploy its WiFi Analytics technology at Intel’s hall 16/100 at IFA, the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, that takes place from September 4 to 9 in Berlin.

Beabloo’s solution will allow Intel to get information on its visitors’ behaviour: how many people attended the booth, the time they spent there and the areas that caught their attention. In order to develop this project, Beabloo will use Intel’s NUCs technology to capture data from visitors’ smartphones, that will be later analyzed for Business Intelligence purposes. This data is secured and anonymized by applying a hash function before being sent to Beabloo’s servers periodically. The raw data is subsequently deleted. Beabloo complies with the SAS70 Audit in terms of security in information and communication as well as with data treatment according to EU regulations.

By analyzing their IFA visitors’, Intel will be able to better understand their behaviour, taking into consideration these findings for planning next year’s booth design. In addition, this project will show a new user scenario of Intel’s and Beabloo’s technology.

“Intel has been very happy with Beabloo’s solution and the way we conducted the projects in the past two events where we worked together, Venditalia and Intel REC. This is why we have asked Beabloo to work together with us at IFA. Both Intel and Beabloo find a great synergy working together and building a long lasting relationship”, said Andreas Klett, Director Marketing & Communication Central European Region at Intel

The results on data analytics will be suplied in dashboards which will be previously prepared to highlight the most significant findings and heatmats of customer’s footpath. This will allow Intel to taylor booth design and dimensionate resources for next years trade show.