7 de July de 2015, ImmaFolch

Android Picking-up Steam in the Embedded Market

Global Embedded Android Survey reveals 93% of respondents have Android on the mind for current and future projects

Taipei, Taiwan, 7 July, 2015 – Momentum behind Android is growing in the embedded market according to the results of a recent worldwide survey conducted by VIA Embedded. The survey drew close to 250 respondents from a wide range of embedded backgrounds asking them to share their views of Android for embedded applications including the perceived benefits and challenges which come along with adopting the OS.

Key findings

  • An overwhelming 93% of respondents stated that they are either currently using or are considering using Android for an embedded project in the near future.
  • Top three applications are industrial automation, Infotainment and digital signage
  • Top three benefits are touch screen support, reduced time to market, and customizability
  • Top three perceived challenges are lack of I/O support, lack of internal expertise, and lack of development tools.

“The results from the survey tie closely to our own experiences as a pioneering Embedded Android solution provider and give objective confirmation of the increasing industry-wide interest and adoption,” said Richard Brown, VP of International Marketing, VIA Technologies Inc. “The results also provide invaluable information on how we can further enhance our services and offerings to the market.”

Download a copy of the full results here.

VIA Embedded Android Solutions
VIA Embedded offers a robust portfolio of boards and fanless systems complete with optimized BSPs for Embedded Android applications. In order to speed development time, customers can take advantage of the unique VIA Smart ETK which provides a unified interface to enable I/O support across different hardware platforms, thus allowing developers to focus on their high-level applications. Specialist solution packs for digital signage are also available.