2 de December de 2015, LFChannel Team

Manage the color of Cintig creative pen

X-Rite co-development produces easy to use colour calibration tool that speeds workflow and reduces need for expensive external monitors

Barcelona, 2 December 2015 – Wacom® today started shipping Wacom Color Manager, the company’s new colour calibration solution designed for photographers, designers and other creative professionals who want colour accuracy across their workflow. As every artist knows, sharing and reproducing colour can be quite frustrating. Colours that have been painstakingly created during the design phase can look very different depending upon the monitor, display or projector that the user, collaborators or clients are using to view finished work. Matching the colours on a display to the final output as photos, prints, animation or video can be even more challenging. The new Color Manager combines a colorimeter calibrator and custom profiling software – developed by market leading colour expert X-Rite – to give Cintiq users more speed and confidence throughout the creative process. “Bottom line, our customers work hard to create artwork. We want to help them gain full control over their process so that colours look the same on their displays,” says Don Varga, Wacom’s Senior Director of Market Strategy and Planning. “By eliminating the frustrations and guesswork inherent with colour management, we are helping professional creators save valuable time and money, not to mention produce great images.”

Teaming with X-Rite

LF Channel_Wacom_Wacom Color ManagerWacom worked with X-Rite, the leaders in digital colour calibration and profiling, to develop an advanced, fast and user-friendly calibration tool. “Our Cintiq family of products tend to be the creative tools of choice, particularly in those industries where colour accuracy makes a difference. We felt it was natural to add a dedicated and powerful colour management system that is convenient and easy to use,” Varga points out. The Wacom Color Manager offers specific performance advantages to users of Wacom’s highest colour performance displays, the Cintiq 27QHD line, but is engineered to provide calibration to the rest of the Cintiq family as well as other LCD, LED and wide-gamut display technologies. “Very often you see creative professionals with two displays, where one is entirely dedicated to colour control. Because of the Cintiq 27QHD’s advanced colour gamut, users that employ Wacom Color Manager with the Cintiq alleviate the need for a costly second monitor, which speeds workflow, frees up work area space, and helps reduce equipment costs.”

The Wacom Color Manager calibrator, the instrument that rests on the screen and reads colours, and the profiling software work together in either a basic or advanced mode to provide users with easy-to-use, flexible and powerful performance. Basic mode calculates colour profiles for the user and requires no prior knowledge of colour calibration. Advanced mode gives users infinite control over a variety of facets critical to colour balancing such as luminance, white point, contrast and gamma levels. “You do not have to be an expert, to set your display to the right colour profile. Our Color Manager solution does that for you,” says Varga.

Users can save, reuse and share settings so that colour is consistent over multiple monitors. “We worked closely with Wacom to customise the software for direct and seamless communication with the Cintiq 27QHD’s scalar“, said X-Rite Jan Keller, Vice President OEM Sales. “With the unique features added to the Wacom® Color Manager, you’ll be able to achieve a more precise adjustment of grey scale gamma, white point, and other primary settings. We are very excited to see the high standards of both companies coming together to deliver a uniquely accurate and versatile display solution for creatives.”

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